Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Au Revoir

Nero's plume is spent, fair Nerophytes, this is adieu.
Thank you so much for indulging me with your sweet patronage.
Ever fondly yours, Nero


anita said...

Just while you're away on vacation, right???


Raina Cox said...

You will be missed, my Darling.

More than you know.

Vicky Abrahamsson said...

You know how much I have enjoyed your blog, and even being part of it ;)
It by far is the most inspiring, well written, and smart blog out there. I will miss reading it while sipping on my cafe latte, but am excited for your future projects. Enjoy Italy!! Vicky

Lila Moonlight said...

Dearest Nero,
I will miss your sharings and most clever writings too. I especially enjoyed our common findings ; ) i wish you a wonderful Italian holiday and hope to see you :)

Kecia said...

I'm so sad! But I understand we each have to do what is best for ourselves. Know that you will be missed. Your blog had its own personality so unlike all the others and I loved it. Best wishes, Alcira.



Appletree said...

sad face

Lauren said...

Oh Alcira, this is so sad. I often think that keeping a blog is so tough and I marvel at how so many women are able to do it. I'm not sure if you would ever feel like doing this but maybe at some point, you could elaborate on your decision? I'm really going to miss being able to visit your blog every day but perhaps we'll hear and see your voice in a different venue?

vicki archer said...

I hope it is a bientot Alcira...
Your musings are so wonderful and they will be missed... Blogging is exhausting and it's important to take a break.... See you when you are ready... you are too talented to leave forever.... xxv

helen tilston said...

Dear Alcira

I can also say, with sincerity, that I will miss you very much and hope you will return periodically(on your schedule) I, too, love your style and will be thinking of you and hope your trip to Italy is stupendous


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My Notting Hill said...

Your blog is tremendously beautiful. So sorry to see that you don't post anymore but thanks so much for leaving it all up. Warm regards, Michele

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Dearest Notting Hill,

Thank you for the kind words, particularly heartfelt six months after I set down my virtual pen.
Perhaps Nero will op back onto the scene if an interesting project emerges that I just must share.
Until then, warm wishes and the best of all things good to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

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