Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Summer Slowing and Skates

School is officially out and that means that our own little genie has moved back in full-time. Yes, things have decidedly lightened up for the solstice -- meals have grown greener and shed flesh, roller skates have become a permanent fixture, and taking it one day and one board game at a time has translated into our MO. Communiques may get spottier for a time around here, slowing to a summer trickle. But fret not, fair Nerophytes, Nero's going nowhere fast.  


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Can we talk about your marble table? Heaven!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Dear Beej,

The story goes as follows.
Back in the day the table had a large rectangular glass top with deadly sharp corners.
We spent our son's active toddlerhood cringing and wiping cold sweats off our brow until one day I called up a stone yard in search of a switcheroo.
As my son was small and into everything, I dreaded schlepping him to yet another dusty cutting grounds in a far-flung warehouse, so the kind lady who ran this particular stone business sent me pictures of the raw slab of Italian marble which later became that top.
Everything was done over the internet and the phone and a few weeks later, voila, that huge monolith was hoisted into the kitchen.
It has now become one of our favorite things in the house -- veined with life, always chilly to the touch, a natural relic where we rest, eat and play.
That so often seems to be the natural evolution of the best things, isn't it?
Cheers, Alcira

Lauren said...

Love that glimpse into your living room! Alcira, you always share so many fabulous inspirations. But I have to admit my favorite posts are alway those that shows a little glimpse into what you buy and how you decorate.

Kecia said...

You are one stylish mamma! I always adore glimpses into your home!


candicecowin said...

Had 'em both at home this week, which is why you haven't heard from me! ;)

Linda Terpstra said...

What delightful little snippets of your beautiful home! I am in love with the salad servers and have to find them! Do you know where I might find them online? Keep posting these delicious little details!


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