Sunday, April 8, 2012

On Examining Creation and its Origins

It's been quite a spell since Nero's last film overview, so what better segue after a very real escapade than a virtual Netflixcapade to get us back into the swing of things? Creation, starring intensely effervescent real-life spouses Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, details the arduous period in Charles Darwin's life when, ill, grieving and haunted by the death of his favorite daughter, the scientist wrestles with his instincts and against his devout wife's wishes, to write the premise of what would arguably become the most controversial yet influential book ever published, "On the Origin of the Species." 
The plot moves back and forth in time, interspersing Darwin's memories and visions of his daughter with the pressures and conflicts caused by the emergence of his groundbreaking theory of evolution, the ripple effects of which reverberate both in his private life and in the highly skeptical yet competitive scholarly community of upper-echelon British society.
The story is one of inner conflict, of guilt, of a vast marital and ideological schism, but above all of what loss does to us as humans, as animals, and of the role that faith does or does not play as a coping mechanism. Darwin's theory manifested itself with such clarity over a period of about twenty years, that the scientist could not repress it. Betanny's portrayal of Darwin's overwhelming struggle is at times agonizing -- a man being turned inside out. Connelly's expressive role as Darwin's ever-devoted and pious wife, who later becomes a linchpin in the publication of his work, is a testament to her remarkably underrated acting skills. 
Today for many is Easter, a time of transformation, rebirth and change. And so if after the chocolate basket binges and confetti egg scavenges you should chose to top off your Sunday with a streaming story, Nero highly recommends this one -- chicken lays egg, man eats egg, man eats man -- a thoughtful glimpse into how we all evolved. 


Kecia said...

Yay! I was just going to ask you if you had any movie recommendations. I always love what you suggest.


candicecowin said...

Sounds enthralling. Will put it on my list of "must-sees". I think the hub would enjoy this one as well.

helen tilston said...

Thank you for this recommendation and excellent review. I will include it in my list

Happy Easter

Helen xx

Lila Moonlight said...

Another great review, I will definitely see this one. And how nice to know you also sat on that terrace, next time I go there I will watch around with your eyes : )


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