Monday, March 12, 2012

When Quirk Works

There are moments when a dwelling's unapologetic authenticity, its multidimensional trinkets and loving layers, create an undeniable honestly. Certain spaces tell the stories of their boarders better than others. There is a panache, a living, breathing personality at work behind the souvenir samovars and casual book stacks and impulse-purchase art. Such is the case with the NYC pied-a-terre of UK expat turned shopkeep, Christopher Gow, owner of design boutique Ruzzetti and Gow, profiled here, over at the NYSD. Clearly, the spirit of the Grand Tour and a thirst for the world and its many riches live on between these walls. A lust for texture and touchable pattern belie a world-wandering palate grown fond of all things tactile. Restrained taste can at times be overrated. Yes, sometimes it's best to lay it on thick. 


Raina Cox said...

Art envy!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Hi there Raina,

I call the two pieces flanking the mantle and that stunning red stain over the suzani-ed daybed.
Wrestle you for 'em -- ready, set?


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