Thursday, February 2, 2012

Of Word Worlds and Generation Text

This week, a couple of unusual occurrences have flashed before Nero's radar. First of note, Nero received a text message from my mother the other day which read: "Hey there, what's up." In order for the startling nature of this otherwise mundane act to be understood in its entirety, note that Nero's mom is over-65 and generally gives off a demeanor akin to La Deneuve's below, minus the playful earrings. 

All of a sudden, Nero's brow broke out into a cold sweat. 
Had there been an identity switch? Had La Bardot come to call? 

Witnessing our parents' forays into technology and the ease with which the transition happens is at times alarming. Methinks that surely, from somewhere warm and tropical, Sir Steve Jobs, overheated in a black zip-up hoodie, is smiling down on this whole scenario.

The second but no less noteworthy anecdote came yesterday, when Nero's offspring began a casual after-school discussion with the following query: "Mom, what is my purpose? You know -- my purpose, my journey -- my voyage?" 

Nero was stumped -- the kid's only just made six. By that point in the evening, Nero's head had only just begun to wrap itself around the central existential question that plagues us until death, that hounding interior monologue particular to most mothers: "What's for dinner?" 

Nero rambled a bit but tried to keep it succinct -- something about how our purpose here is largely a mystery, how we make our path as we go -- in short a whole load of muddled, new-age mumbo-jumbo. But amid the hogwash, Nero got to thinking. What do we do when our elders grow preternaturally young and our youth begin to think prematurely old? And more importantly, where does it leave those of us in the middle? Are we the new lost generation? 

Nero's terribly afraid that the next text I get from my mother may involve a query as to where to procure siiiick shrooms. 


Anonymous said...

I'm never commented before but today I can't help myself. How lucky you are as a child of those parents, as is little boy Nero. Your mind was working especially well today, such a fine subject. Don't you realize that some of us are suffering or benefiting from having participated in the 60's fully, physically and spiritually and that's why, along with Retin A and siiick shrooms, with input from Sir Jobs, are happily exhibiting arrested elderly development? Just think how much younger you will be than us at 65? Nerito will be just fine...You're on your way....shroom shroom..... Thanks, C

Virginia Abrahamsson said...

Love your post today mon ami, but most of all I love that your mom sent you that text and that Tarek asked you that question. Lol!! Love those surprises in life that make the "What's for dinner?" not so important anymore.

anita said...

I love that you have an old soul for a son and such a youthful mom!

My mom said texting was too 'hard.' :)

candicecowin said...

I had to do a double-take on the top photo. I thought it WAS your mom! Totally identified with this post. My mind is forever feeling about for firm footing in a cloud of trivialities. I often feel terribly lost in this fog of early motherhood, but once dinner has been served and little mouths are happily munching and tiny bellies are being filled with healthy things that I made with my own two hands, or sometimes with only one hand, I feel that I have done something good. Something real. It brings peace to my soul for at least 15 mins.! ;)

appletree said...

I would totes do shrooms with your mom

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Dearest Anon, welcome to Ground Nero!

So glad to have you and your commentary.
Glad today's dish was to your liking ;)
Cheers and pop back in soon, Alcira

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Hola Vicky,

Isn't it funny how we get all caught up in the trivialities?
Best to eat dessert first in this life.
Cheers, Alcira

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Hi there Anita,

It's a double blessing, I suppose ;)
Cheers, Alcira

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Howdy Candita,

Wow, mom was flattered ;)
And 15 minutes of peace is no small feat.
All in a day's work for a mom, I reckon.
Cheers, Alcira

Alcira Molina-Ali said...


Appletree, you slay me Boo ;)
I'm outie, Alcira


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