Thursday, February 9, 2012

Of Amores Perros, Pirates and La Playa

Well fair readers, the Nero Trio is off and running, racing hell-bent to raise Cain down Cancun way. Complicit criminal minds, the kiddo and I seem even to have color-coordinated our separates somehow. Things could get spicy or dicey, it's hard to say. Nero may chronicle the whole sandy, shady affair, or perhaps keep you hanging a spell, preferring to let siesta-bound dogs lie. If Captain Jack Sparrow should happen to call in Nero's absence, kindly have him know that we're on hiatus sipping Sprite in Margaritaville, but that all of the baubles, bobs and trinkets he lent us will be promptly returned to his Disney Land coffers upon our homecoming. Unless of course he'd prefer to meet us halfway. Anchors Away.


Kathy said...

when you get back...I want that purse!!!...have fun...k

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Dearest Kathy,

You're more than welcome to it.
But if you simply can't wait 'til we get back, it's up for hawk over at
Cheers, Alcira

Full House said...

Lady, do you really own all of these items. I'm pinning your jewelry because it is that good. Have fun.

Moomser said...

Just got home from buying supplies in view of a weekend of relentless snow and sick kids and husband (and technically me too) so am hating you a bit right now. In a good way. I pinned your jewelry, would love to know where you got it!! For now, I wish you a great trip, with loads of sun, relaxation and good food. Also, drink a margarita or two for me!! Baci

Peak Rainey said...

loving all of your jewelry... and that purse! how fab. does that multi colored bangle have a little skull head on it?? glorioussss!

xo, peak

Lila Moonlight said...

Woooow you will all rock on this trip, color coordinated as well : ) I just love your colorful one skull bracelett, where can I find it? Have an unforgettable holiday : )


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