Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of Cover Story Coterie

When did the covers of books become almost as beautiful their contents? Most latter-day tomes may not be leather-bound, hand-illustrated or brightly illuminated in gold tones, and yet somehow, 'round Villa Nero way, books once read nearly always seem to become a permanent and inextricable addition to our landscape. So here's to cover art and all that lies between the fold and the paper cut.


Aylin at Lila Moonlight said...

Woow, these are really beautiful covers, thanks for making me find them : ) Heading to Amazon UK right now, hopefully they have the same covers in Europe as well. Verse, Erotic, Mercy, Truffles will go to my basket for sure. And your vignette is so stylish, I have been in search of the right cloche for a long time. Am I seeing 2 Verses inside, exact ones or it is a series book? And I agree about men having the need of clear signs, I will work on that : )

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Dear Aylin,

I do hope you're able to find all of these tomes online -- I imagine you won't have any trouble.
The cloche above is a recent purchase from Z Gallerie and also comes in a scrumptious larger size which I love. I'm not sure whether Z Gall ships to Europe, but no doubt authentic antique cloches abound all over Italy's flea markets.
As for the two tomes that rest beneath the glass, they are the Killer Verse and Erotic Poems photographed above from the Everyman's collection. The Killer Verse book has an incredibly amusing spine complete with brass knuckles and a hatchet.
Do enjoy and happy reading, Alcira

Tabitha said...

Such beautiful covers, even though we shouldn't judge them by that we do.
Aylin, The White Company have a beautiful cloche in stock just now, it's meant for cakes but it's lovely and would work for this sort of thing too.


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