Monday, January 23, 2012

Of Concession Confessions and Wanton Wontons

The Year of the Dragon has a sleek and seductive ring to it. 
It conjures up steamy imagery, and not solely of the wonton variety. 
It packs some serious Kung-Pao punch.

Nero dreams of someday visiting China,
And of wandering through Shanghai's French Concession, 
Where so many historical homes have been restored
To dramatic effect.

The marriage of East and West,
Ever an ongoing, ephemerally beautiful, 
Subtly complex, 
Delicate balance. 

They say the Year of the Dragon is a lucky one, fair Nerophytes,
So don't forget to see red, breathe fire
And blow off a little smoke now and then. 


Tabitha said...

It's my year and my hubs would say that those last two lines suit me rather well.

anita said...

I'm ready to breathe some fire this year!


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