Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Of Pillow Talk and a Shop Hop

Fair Nerophytes, one of the benefits of living in a region devoid of that fine quartet, the seasons, is that light layering works best year-round. As such, one never feels completely reined in by winter's icy clutches, though it can get exasperating when a yen for unfurling the cashmere or hiking up the knee-high riding boots strikes. Yes, Houston is a rather quirky city for all of its petro-go-getterism, and Nero finds it oddly liberating. 
Case in point, this blogger has teased repeatedly about the much-anticipated arrival of our very own divine outpost of the boho jet-set, Calypso St. Barth. To enter this realm is to step off a private plane onto a terrain which exudes an air of perma-resort, that intra-seasonal limbo which denotes une vie aisée
Calypso offers a smattering of choice, luxe pieces no ordinary traveler would need but any woman with half her wits and a robust pocket book wouldn't consider leaving home without. Though Nero finds the haute-togs and trimmings quite fetching, it's really the house goods that get my heart rate in a tizzy. Central to this frenzy are the pillows by Maison de Vacances. Cheeky, irreverent and scandalously priced vis-à-vis their dimensions, they're an amuse-oreille Nero can't get enough of -- sweet little sophomoric nonpareils that boast such eternally universal slogans as "Love" and "Rock." (So sue me, folks, I dig 'em.)
Yes, it would appear that things are always sunny on this mysterious species of Mustique. That said, Nero's not about to don a pareo and crawl under that display table to bask in the turquoise glow of a Harry Allen piggy bank. Because honestly, dear readers, the weather here in Houston has been a little too nippy for that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who's your Baghdaddy?

Nero has been sans père for almost a decade now, but the latest issue of Elle Decor (downplayed below by Nero's sullen iPhone snaps), features a dapper gent who could at least, methinks, stand in as honorary, London-based uncle. This Iraqi transplant's home has just the sort of tension found at the crux of fine but cozy aristocratic antiques and committal yet cutting-edge odes to Britannia. So before you hit up Travelocity in search of a mediocre and cramped hotel room, behold his majestic pad. May it serve as an inspiration to all.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

And the Angels Sang

The Nero Trio capped off this holiday staycation with an escapade to Nero's favorite Houston patisserie, Jungle Café. Ensconced in one of our fair city's Asian arrondissements, the vibe is a sleek hybrid brand of Franco-Cathay. Ever-changing edible art sets the stage for entertaining visuals and a guaranteed palate-fest. So feast your eyes, fair 'phytes, 'cuz this eclectic in-town eatery provides an inspiring visual array which titillates the taste buds and trumps a museum visit.

Of Paris Pining and a Pow! Place

Ever had a yen to rent a vacay place 
in a style quite different from your own?
To inhabit it for a week -- to cozy up to 
something just outside your comfort zone?
For Nero, the upbeat Parisian pad below would fit the bill quite nicely. 
A funky youth injection to pair with Paris introspection.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

On Being Bea and Seeing Spanish

Today fair Nerophytes, let's visit the hiply boho Madrid-based studio and aerie of Bea Deza, multi-talented creatrix of the fashion line Sister Jane. For those who don't do Spanish, just roll with it -- the visuals and her charming accent make for a melodious and festive romp. Did I mention she's also the lead singer for the background music you hear? Yeah, that too. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Of Black Friday and Bright Laces

Because nothing brightens up a Black Friday quite like bright laces.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Post-Turkey Post

Because now that the turkey's been ravaged, clean up time tends to ensue. 
And as Nero just can't seem to quit the Lauder theme today,  
Let's feast our post-feast eyes on this cherry-on-top kitchen.

Thanksgiving Greetings

And a not-so secret wish to come back as Aerin reincarnate.
Have a smashing holiday, fair Nerophytes.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Of Peachy Keen Holidays in Peachtree Heights

The Atlanta cottage of Jill Sharp Brinson, Creative Director at the helm of Ballard Designs, has been a crowd-pleaser since its cool tones and limed woods graced a spread in House Beautiful several years back, setting the hearts of many a blogger aflutter and sending us scurrying to IKEA in droves to snag ivory cowhides. Now, just in time for the yuletide buzz, the house makes a more colorful cameo in the December issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. Brinson and designer Suzanne Kasler have teamed up to deck the walls, showcasing to pared down advantage Kasler's latest holiday collection. The mood is updated Scandi-chic with an underlying European rusticity to temper a metered dose of blush pink. There is also a pinch of glam-zhush factor, making it just the sort of space where one wouldn't be surprised to find Rachel Zoe readjusting and pinning the dinner linens. Nero enjoys these sorts of double-takes -- seeing a home under different guises, several years after its debut. The feel is understated, earthy, a little sparkly and frankly quite fun. So go ahead fair readers, grab a plate of lox and give it a good thumbing-through.


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