Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Of Firsts and Lasts and Life in Motion

It doesn't take long in life -- a few years at most -- to swiftly realize that certain things will only happen once. One's first taste of snow, or running toes through sand, that hesitant new bite or last goodbye. And so we measure out our lives through firsts, through lasts and all the in-betweens that make up the joyous, the sacred and the mundane. It just so happens that today is our little guy's last day of being five. A triviality perhaps, after all we all survived it. But to stop and think, really ruminate on the fact that one is only five for a fleeting 365, is a thought that flabbergasts. And so they grow, stretching out of that cocoon, bending and adapting elastic -- unfurling past the shell that is our shadow -- allegro non troppo. So instead of focusing on tomorrow, that first day of being six, Nero prefers to bid a bittersweet goodbye to this one and only, this first and last, this magical, heart-rending, fanciful, terrifying, wondrous year of being five.  


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Happy birthday to little dude! So weird today is my husbands birthday as well although he is far from 6. Today he hits the big 30.

Mine was 5 once, God they grew up so fast...

let him eat lots of cake!!!

Vicky Abrahamsson said...

Beautifully written my friend...I love every day of this stage, so fun!! Happy Birthday Tarek!! Besos!!

candicecowin said...

Happy Birthday T! Hope it is a good one!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Aw, many thanks Dears Bri, Vicky and Candita,

Motherhood. It's a real trip.

Cheers, Alcira


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