Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Coming on Friday

May all things sleek and Spanish be praised. 
And may we all breathe a collective weekend sigh.


La Maison Boheme said...

Yum. Gold and Black and Gray and Perfect. I love that voodoo that you do.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Alcira:
The black and gold give a sophisticated, masculine look that we rather like. We love the fitted bookcases, may we steal them?

However,not for us the grey curtains.....rather like the dreich of Edinburgh without the bravura of the Castle!

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Mmmm...I'm definitely in a gold+black+navy+grey phase right now.

Aylin at Lila Moonlight said...

Black, white, grey, gold and some pink and purple accents, my cup of tea : ) I especially loved side tables and that coffee table but even if I could afford it I wouldn't take it now as I have a small boy ( no metal edgy furnitures for many years ). Also the couches are in that grey shade I have been planning for mine, to be re-upholstered. Thanks for sharing, many of the pix go to my folders now : )

Glamour Drops said...

Oh this is very yummy. Sophisticated too. Perhaps some of it is a little over styled (thinking how would those paintings stay dry on the vanity???) but love the overall glamour and restraint and the perfect mix of feminine + masculine.

Bourbon&Pearls said...

Very beautiful, I'm laughing at the Hattatt's comment, I'm thinking of silver grey curtains at the moment, but keep wondering will it be too cold with our light? Perhaps, yes.

Appletree said...

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Dears MB, JL, JR, Aylin, GD, Tabitha and Appletree,

The pad certainly has a tightly-edited glamour to it.
Though I agree not every inch would be my precise choice.
However, it is nicely staged and rather inviting.
I particularly love the kitchen fittings -- those pendant orbs over the island are rocking my world today.
Enjoy the weekend fairest Nerophytes.
Cheers, Alcira


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