Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stubbs Luv

Yet another reason to worship Stubbs & Wootton:

Lad Pads

Because a boy's gotta have a place to sleep

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Angels in Avignon

It was Christmas post-9/11, the world was in a tempest, a foggy funk, Babel. So Dad did what any great eccentric with failing health would've -- duh! -- he decamped to Paris where we hopped a train to Avignon. Because if he was going to keel over in a snowbank, it better be deluxe.

From the icy avenues of Paris, we spilled into the crisp sunshine and cobbled streets of Avignon

Where La Mirande stood waiting, as she has for centuries.

There were chintzes and toiles, canvas and cashmere

There were smiles and warm wishes, delectable dishes

There were bubbles and potions and plenty of history

Pierre Frey, peace, quiet and a touch of mystery

There was reading, reflecting, rest and repose

And it was our secret as time all but froze

But now that it's ended there's one thing I know

There was sunshine and snow...there were angels in Avignon.

This Just In

Fresh out of the crate and off the backs of the little elves who whittle West Elm's wares, the increasingly hip purveyor's mirrored pedestal table makes a comeback in this darkly delicious finish. Oh the tug of fall...I'm seeing a room, feel it fading into view, moody, smells of coffee.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Of Halloween, Hermès and Headless Horsemen

What smashing pumpkins, she declared.


Happy Monday!

Paloma at La Dolce Vita's recent post on FLOR tiles brought me flashing and dashing back to this stately but edgy Chicago gem designed by Kara Mann and recently featured in Traditional Home. It appears the decadent digs are on the market -- any takers?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Intaglio Seraglio

Often collected at pivotal pit stops along the Grand Tour, intaglios commemorated an important destination or memorable moment in what was often a lengthy and action-packed sojourn. Sure beats a snowglobe, huh? I love them enough -- almost -- to want to be reborn as a dapper, upper-crusty English fop. Simply boxed, matted or framed, these macho mementos provide just enough neoclassical wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am in any setting.

Friday, September 24, 2010

This One's for the Children

Because rooms and children deserve beauty and respect, and a child never forgets the imprint left by his or her first home. Hang the art, fill that heirloom vase, let them bounce around -- a little -- on the silk and down. Enjoy it, teach them, let your children live with beauty and learn its layered language.

And Now to Bed

Let's hear it for cozy, soothing bedrooms and bow down to these iconic inner sanctums.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stella does Slate

Pump to this:

Fawning over Flora

Cozy pâtisserie, flower shop and bistro Flora & Muse unfurled little over a fortnight ago at Houston's CityCentre, but the chic eatery has already blossomed into a meeting place for regulars craving that elusive recipe of old world authenticity folded into a pinch of pretty.

With whimsical interiors dreamed up by local design diva Laura Umansky and top-notch nosh orchestrated by gutsy gastronome, David Luna, one feels at once cocooned and vaguely tugged to another place and time -- a grandmother's parlor in Istanbul perhaps, a tea salon in Paris, a London florist. However nebulous, the sensation is a welcome reprieve in a city overrun with chains and tired variations on the theme.

In keeping with the fanciful, one-off ambience, the haute hybrid is backed by an eclectic group of elusive entrepreneurs, many hailing from overseas, including Turkish film star Başak Köklükaya. The fluid, horseshoe-shaped Flora is configured as a café and bakery on one side, mirrored by an elegant bar, brasserie and generous outdoor patio on the other.

So far I can vouch for the swoon-worthy alchemy of their coffee, decadent crêpes and exquisite crab salad, but the menu is meaty and I have ambitious plans to repeat offend. Be sure and arrive with time to kill, as the place fills up for brunch on weekends. At last a place to come for flowers, stay for coffee and linger 'til lunch.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Gear for the Urban Vamp

Bottega Veneta's Patchwork Python Clutch

SCOSHA Sterling Silver Necklace

Hervé Léger Ombré Bandage Dress

Jimmy Choo Aston Sandals

Wrap your exquisite corpse in this...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

In the Beginning, there was Black


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